Ownage Pranks is a controversial voice actor who plays the role of nine different characters and makes live prank calls for entertainment. I was asked to create a scripted series based on the characters and below is the treatment. Due to the controversial nature of the characters, I would like you to look at my ability to develop a series instead of focusing on the characters or the content of the show.

Ownage Pranks’ International Players Written by Sean Lewis

Log Line: International Players is a 11 minute scripted animated comedy series that tells the story of best friends, Tyrone, Buk Lau, and Chris, who live a construed version of the American Dream while working at an international airport.

Synopsis: Charismatic African-American TSI Agent, Tyrone thinks of himself as the king of the airport. Tyrone believes he is an American ambassador and he befriends the short tempered Asian ticket officer Buk Lau because Buk is extremely eager to learn Tyrone’s American Dream of “Cash, Clothes, and Hoes.”

Tyrone and Buk are always trolling the airport terminals, bars, food court, news stands, and restaurants for ladies. When Tyrone and Buk are not chasing women they are creating get rich quick scams. Through out the airport, they interact with an odd ball assortment of American and foreign coworkers such as their arch enemies Russell, the lily white corporate ladder climbing, airport manager and Adbo, the cranky and shrewd middle eastern news stand owner.

In a move to attract more women, the homophobic Tyrone and Buk Lau put up with Chris, the openly gay flight attendant. A gay man is a woman’s best friend and women flock to Chris. Chris believes Tyrone and Buk Lau are his best friends, while Tyrone and Buk Lau feel awkward about their relationship with Chris and their own sexuality.

Vignettes: The goal of the vignettes/shorts is to show everything that was described in the synopsis.

“American Dreams”
Tyrone and Buk Lau establish their friendship. Tyrone explains to Buk Lau his “Cash, Clothes, Hoes” version of the American Dream. Buk Lau asks Tyrone to be his sensei and teach him the American Dream.

“Trolling Tour”
While on the prowl for women, Tyrone gives Buk Lau a tour of the airport. Tyrone breaks down all the airport locations, who works at the shops, and what type of “ass” you will find there. Tyrone spots an attractive woman, gets her number, and shows Buk Lau why he is the king of the airport.

“Ladies Love Gay Men”
In a move to attract more women, the slightly homophobic Tyrone tries to convince the extremely homophobic Buk Lau that befriending Chris, the openly gay flight attendant, is a smart move that will increase their odds with the ladies. Buk Lau puts up a good fight, but decides it makes sense to become friends with Chris. Chris believes he has found his two new best friends.

“Betting on Being a Bookie”
Tyrone, Buk Lau, and Chris set up a betting ring for the World Cup. Tyrone is the bookie, Buk Lau the accountant, and Chris is in sales. Arch enemies, Russell and Adbo try to break up the betting ring and press charges against Tyrone, Buk Lau, and Chris. Tyrone outsmarts Russell and Adbo and the group gets off scott-free.

“I Think I am Gay!”
While on break at the airport, Tyrone and Chris introduce Buk Lau to marijuana. Buk Lau has a bad trip, becomes paranoid, and intensely questions his own sexuality. Tyrone and Chris have to convince Buk Lau he is not gay and talk him down from his high

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