In 2003, I created a hip-hop sketch comedy character named Kid Wiz. Kid Wiz was a combination of acting, improv, and hip-hop. On his first solo project, hardcore rapper Kid Wiz disrespected his mentor and ex band mate Big Poopie with the release of “The Big Poopie Dis Album”.

I recorded and mixed the Kid Wiz album in my closet with a 16 track recorder and borrowed beats from the internet. In the video you can see my recording space when I am rapping into the mic. Good times. Kit Bishop took the album cover photos and together we designed the CD layout.

Over the years, I expanded the Kid Wiz concept and wrote a children’s cartoon treatment called The Adventures of Kid Wiz and Lil Fatback and a short screenplay titled “Shine-alholic”. Below are the tracks to Kid Wiz’s “Big Poopie Dis Album”. Bob your head to the hilarious rhymes of the one and only Kid Wiz.

1. “Dis Intro”


2. “Big Poopie Dis”


3. “Dis Outro”



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