In 2003, I created a hip-hop sketch comedy character named Kid Wiz. On his first solo project, hardcore rapper Kid Wiz disrespected his mentor and ex band mate Big Poopie with the release of “The Big Poopie Dis Album”. Kit Bishop, Dewey Tucker, and I shot the “Big Poopie Dis” video and album cover at my house.

My roommates thought I was a nut when I was setting up the bathroom for the video. During the shoot, I laughed my butt off and it was hard to complete takes because I couldn’t control my laughter. Kid Wiz is a fun character to perform.

Over the years, I expanded the Kid Wiz concept and wrote a children’s cartoon treatment called The Adventures of Kid Wiz and Lil Fatback and a short screenplay titled “Shine-alholic”.

Listen to Kid Wiz’s “Big Poopie Dis Album”.


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