For a short period, I worked for Bunim-Murray Productions as a Writer and Producer. Bunim-Murray is famous for producing the reality shows The Real World, Road Rules, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge . Pro BMX rider T.J. Lavin hosted Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

My old roommate, Fabian, worked for Bunim-Murray and he suggested developing a T.J. Lavin BMX Trick Tip show. I put together a short treatment and we pitched it to Bunim-Murray. They liked my concept and I was hired to write and produce a trick tip pilot.

I wrote 15, two to four minute, episodes that introduced BMX culture and gave tips on performing BMX tricks. I then hired the crew, created the shooting schedule, and flew to Las Vegas to shoot and direct all 15 episodes in T.J.’s back yard.

After we wrapped, I went back to work at Fuel TV and Bunim-Murray presented the pilot to the mobile phone company Amp’d Mobile as over-the-air downloadable content. Amp’d Mobile went out of business shortly after we completed the production and the show never saw the light of day.

Bunim-Murray Productions, Fabian, and T.J. thank you for the experience.


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