In the summer of 2008, I moved to Woodward, Pennsylvania to be the creative director and a videographer for Camp Woodward’s action sports video “Colony of Summer”.  I had wanted to attend Camp Woodward since I read a “BMX Plus” magazine article on the camp in 1986.  It took me twenty two years to get there and I was far from being a teenager, but I was happy to be in the action sports paradise of Woodward.

To prepare for the video, I read the camp brochure. On the first page this statement jumped out at me. “We strive to provide the absolute best facilities in the world, which attract campers and the top pros from around the globe each and every summer.  Add to that the best staff, radical training ideas, and an intensive training program, and you have an experience unmatched anywhere in the world, which serves as a catalyst to make you a better rider.“

My goal as creative directer was to work with the director and other videographers to capture this paragraph visually. After watching the final edit of “Colony of Summer”,  I believe we achieved our goal. Camp Woodward thank you for an inspiring summer.


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