In 1994 for my freshman year of college, I enrolled at Montana State University to snowboard full-time and to go to class part-time. Between classes I watched and studied snowboard videos.  Standard Snowboard Films’ “Totally Board 3″ also known as “TB3″ had the most influence on me.

In my cramped dorm room, I watched the “TB3″ VHS tape over and over and I dreamed of being like the pro snowboarders in the film. During that snowboard season, I emulated my favorite “TB3″ pro snowboarders by riding their pro model boards, wearing their signature clothing, and performing similar tricks I saw in the video. To this day, “TB3″ remains one of my favorite snowboard videos of all time and I still have my old VHS copy of the film.

In 2007, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Standard Films as a creative consultant for their yearly snowboard film.  My role was to create the title for the film, develop the intro sequence, and help the total branding of the product by writing film and graphic treatments. I named the film “Catch the Vapors”.

“Catch the Vapors” is a slang term that means ” to get caught up and interested in what someone else has or what they do and, want to be involved in it”. The “Catch the Vapors” treatment incorporated major/minor themes, transitions, and story telling elements that reflected the film’s title. The graphic treatment explained how graphics, animations, titles, and colors would be used within the film to support the major/minor themes of “Catch the Vapors”.

In 1994, I wanted to be involved in snowboarding because of the vapors I caught from Standard Films’ “TB3″. It was an honor to name a Standard Snowboard Film and to create and incorporate film themes that reflected the inspiration I felt as a young person in my dorm room. Full circle!


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