In the summer of 2008, I moved to the action sports paradise of Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania to be the creative director for their action sports video “Colony of Summer”. Camp Woodward also has another action sports camp located in California called Woodward West. One of my jobs as creative director was to develop a vision and structure for the video and communicate those ideas to the videographers in Pennsylvania and California.

My vision was to show the Camp Woodward/Woodward West experiences and build the video’s structure with cut away shots. I chose to shoot cut away shots that highlighted the size and uniqueness of Woodward’s skate facilities, showcased the beauty of the natural landscapes, branded the camp with Woodward signage, and conveyed the joy and happiness of campers.

I showcased my creative vision for cut aways and trained videographers with the video above. The videographers rallied around the idea because of the leadership of “Colony of Summer’s” director Dave Metty. Metty thank you for the opportunity and for your support. You are an amazing person.

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