In 2002, I created a sketch comedy hip-hop character named Kid Wiz. Kid Wiz performed rap comedy songs that included adult language and content. During 2008, I tweaked the Kid Wiz concept and I made him an animated character on a children’s television show called The Adventures of Kid Wiz and Lil Fatback.

In 2010, I still wanted to perform adult hip-hop sketch comedy so I created a new character called Honkie Lips. Honkie Lips is a hardcore gangster rapper that carries a taser instead of a gun. He is based on southern rapper Pimp C and the rap group Three 6 Mafia. Honkie Lips’ “The Taser Song” was inspired by the University of Florida student that got tased while resisting arrest. Right before campus security tased the student he screamed “Don’t Tase Me Bro!”.

I thought “Don’t Tase Me Bro” was a hilarious comment, but I could not incorporate it into a rap song because it came from an area of weakness. I flipped the statement to “Don’t Make Me Tase You Bro!”, wrote the song, and then got fresh on the microphone. A big thank you goes out to Kyle Heyward for the beats, Jeremy Gilbertson for the recording studio, and Mary Mills for helping me with the audio mixing.


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