For a recent inbound marketing project, I was asked to put together a one-page plan for how I might attack a market segment of influencers assigned to me. I was assigned the male sports segment and my role was to 1) build and track campaigns to recruit them (PPC, email, social, partners, etc) and 2) build a list of individual influencers to recruit directly.

Below is my overall process and an example of how I would attack the male sports influencer market place. I have included this document to show my ability to develop a inbound marketing strategy.

Overall Process
My first step in attacking the male sports segment is comprehending the male sports influencer marketplace by researching the major influencers, understanding how they distribute their content, grasping the major and minor themes of their media, and knowing their audience.

Once I understand the male sports segment’s key influencers, media trends, and audience, I create my ideal influencer persona. The persona is who I will be selling to. When creating my persona I must understand their challenges and motivations. When I understand their pain and address it with online content or a conversation I build trust. Trust = Sales.

After researching major influencers in the male sports segment and creating a persona, I can build a list of influencers to recruit directly with phone calls, emails, social media messaging, and direct mail. When recruiting influencers with online campaigns the next step is researching keywords that relate to my ideal persona.

Keyword research identifies long tailed keywords that are used in all online content such as search/display/video ads, links in webpages, image-text, and email titles. After the long tailed keywords are determined, I develop content that mirrors the keywords and addresses the persona’s pain and/or motivations. The online content, such as webinars, ebooks, podcasts, and videos guide influencers to landing pages where they fill out their contact information. Once I have the influencers contact information I research them to better understand their possible challenges and contact them through email or phone. During the whole process all data is analyzed to better understand successes and failures and to make adjustments to ads and content.

A company would like to reach the football fan market place. After research, I identify my ideal persona as College Football Bloggers. The bloggers’ pain are not understanding how to support themselves while blogging. I contact key influencers directly with a phone call or email sharing a free video series titled “6 Steps to Creating Cash Flow with your Sports Blog.” To recruit the same persona online, I create a few long tailed keywords that reflect the video series’ title and then depending on the budget, I leverage Google with search, display, and video ads. The video series also has its own blog style webpage (with share buttons) and is uploaded to YouTube. All content leads to landing pages that collect influencers’ contact information and create leads. To analyze my results, I use Google and email analytics and I have a detailed phone call list.

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