Above is the full length video of Just Enough Yellow’s final show. Below the performance is chopped into five smaller parts and there are two bonus clips of the show’s opening.

In 2002, my friends and I created a sketch comedy punk rock band called Just Enough Yellow. Just Enough Yellow mocked the suburban generation and our music represented the frustration of youth trapped in suburbia. My bandmates and I played live shows as the Just Enough Yellow characters and never told the audience the performance was an act.

Just Enough Yellow pushed the levels of music, comedy, and creativity. Our performances excited, confused, and shocked audience members. On January 24, 2003 we played our last show at The Library in Atlanta, Georgia. The live songs from our album “Piss Off You Wankers” rocked so hard that they melted the audience’s faces and blew their minds.


1. “Calling to Suburbia” 2. “Mr. Yellow” & “Light, Camera, Electric”

3. “Waiting for Bunch” & “Vic’s Song”4. “Darf Dewey Metal Solo” & “Hono You Bastard”

5. “Breakdown” & “Melt With You”Bonus Clip: “Chooter’s PreShow Drum Solo”

Bonus Clip: Dewey Tucker Opens Show

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