In 1989 when I was 13 years old, hip-hop became a major part of my life. I could not get enough of the music, fashion, and dance moves. My best friend, at the time, Chris also shared the same feelings about hip-hop. During our life long friendship, we both dove deep into the hip-hop subculture and became rap connoisseurs. Hip-hop has been a major part of Chris and I’s friendship, but it also created conflict in our relationship.

The story begins in 2001 when Chris disappeared into a wardrobe trailer on a music video shoot and reappeared on set as the sketch comedy hip-hop character Big Poopie. The picture above is the first known photo of the infamous Big Poopie. From my friends, I had heard rumors of Chris’ Big Poopie character and at an Atlanta, GA house party I saw Chris performing a freestyle rap as Big Poopie. I instantly jumped in on the sketch comedy and started dancing and hyping up Big Poopie’s rhymes. In the moment, Chris called me Kid Wiz and Kid Wiz became Big Poopie’s hype man. This is a true story. Chris and I shut down the party with our hilarious rhymes and dance moves. Some people were confused, others enjoyed it.

In 2003, I was creating a portfolio website to land an entertainment job in Los Angeles, CA. I needed more creative content so I asked Chris if he would like to do a Big Poopie and Kid Wiz song for my site. He agreeed and we began working on a song called “The Doodie Alarm”. In my twenties, I was an very intense and aggressive person and my vibes didn’t match up with Chris’ laid back creative style. He put the project on the back burner, but I continued to write rhymes and develop the Kid Wiz character. I was frustrated with the Big Poopie/Kid Wiz experience.

At the time, Chris lived in the warehouse district of Atlanta and threw amazing block parties with huge sound systems and DJs. At one of his parties, I asked if I could get on the mic and perform as Kid Wiz. He told me that he thought I was not good enough to rock the crowd. This enraged me. I knew right then and there that Kid Wiz would go solo and put out a Big Poopie disrespect record called “Big Poopie Dis Album”. I completed the album and gave the CD to Chris. He was a good sport about the whole ordeal and gave me props on the songs I created.

Fast forward to the fall of 2007 and to another fantastic party hosted by Chris. I had just moved back to Atlanta after living in L.A. for three years and I was pumped to be at one of Chris’ awesome parties. The music was bumping and the DJ was spinning amazing tunes. From the dance floor, I watched the DJ hand Chris a microphone and I knew his Big Poopie character was going to attack and destroy my Kid Wiz character. Chris morphed into Big Poopie and his rhymes dissed Kid Wiz so hard that I left the party.

While exiting the party, I ran into friends that told me Big Poopie wanted to battle rap Kid Wiz. I had not performed the Kid Wiz character since 2003 and I had never freestyle rapped. Internally, I was freaking out. I can still hear Big Poopie on the mic requesting Kid Wiz’s presence and calling him a bitch. Luckily my ego kicked in and I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath, walked back into the party, grabbed the mic, and turned into Kid Wiz. To see what happened next, watch the video below.


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