That’s me with the super sweet double swords!
From my experiences of working in production and with computers I have been surrounded by extremely smart and computer savvy co-workers. Jocks might call them nerds, I call them my friends. Fortunately my co-workers felt comfortable enough with me (I played football in high school) to invite me to their underground world of LARPing. What is a LARP?

LARP stands for live action role-playing and the game is played by participants physically acting out their characters’ actions and fighting each other with foam swords. Think Dungeons and Dragons or Worlds of Warcraft in the real world. The LARP I was invited to was created by the company Legynds and below is a short PBS documentary about the company.
PBS LARP Documentary


Although I had never played any type of role playing game, I told them I was totally down for the LARP because I enjoy meeting new people (even if they are dressed as Orcs) and I think it is important to step outside of my comfort zone. Then I explained I was going to play a warrior named Kalumet. They were shocked I was going to attend the LARP and they were very happy to tell me what type of powers and strengths the mighty Kalumet might have.

The three day LARP was held in a rural Georgia state park and my first day consisted of getting into costume, learning the rules of the game, sword fighting practice, and attending the town feast. On day two we battled monsters who attacked the town, had drinks at the tavern, hit on cute elfan women, and cooled off with a swim in the lake. At the end of day two, I could no longer hang with the hardcore gamers and left the game a day early. You could call me a LARP poser.

Overall my LARP experience was very positive and it definitely put me out of my comfort zone. The other participants were extremely inviting and non judgmental. I guess it is hard to be judgmental of other people when you are dressed as a wizard and are throwing small bean bags called Spell Packets at people pretending to be monsters. I will most likely not participate in another LARP, but I will always have the fond memories of nerding out with my co-workers and laughing at each other. Good times.

Here is some footage my buddy Nick shot as we were leaving the LARP. This battle is awesome!
LARP Battle

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