In 2009 I interviewed for the CCS Brand Director position and I was asked to create a marketing plan.  This was right when technology and social media sites were changing the way customers and businesses communicated. At the time, the marketing strategies I created in the document were cutting edge and I am able to prove this because several years later my strategies are now common place. Below is what I created and enjoy.


CCS Marketing Summary for Brand Director

Prepared by Sean Lewis, February 15, 2009

CCS Marketing Objective

Increase sales, heighten customer loyalty, and combat macro-economic trends by guiding the targeted markets to the CCS website on a daily and weekly bases.

CCS Marketing Plan Action Steps

  • Develop Marketing Channels that consistently deliver new print and digital content that directs target markets to the CCS website.
  • Create Multi-Media Blog Content (MMBC), which includes pictures, stories, and videos, to establish a cultural scene that is unique to CCS and acts as an online salesperson.
  • Leverage Existing Relationships to create core credibility and establish CCS as the industry leader.
  • Recruit New Customers

Marketing Channels

Providing multiple marketing channels positions CCS to capture market share by reinforcing and enhancing the CCS brand and the products they sell. The CCS print and digital marketing channels parallel each other, communicate to the target audiences on several platforms, and distribute MMBC that guides consumers to

  • Marketing Channels mirror each other to increase communication and purchasing opportunities for the consumer.
  • Social Networking Sites, Email, Twitter, and Youtube enables CCS to communicate with the customer without them being on the CCS website.
  • MMBC is redistributed in several marketing channels to highlight news, products, sales, and drive consumers to

Multi-Media Blog Content (MMBC)

MMBC entertains, educates and informs customers on products available at CCS and reports on current events in skateboarding, snowboarding, and fashion cultures. Included in each blog article is a purchasing link where customers can purchase the product or products related to the current event they just learned about.

MMBC draws the target audience to on a daily bases, acts as an online salesperson, increases the potential for sales, and allows customers to choose their personal marketing channels.

  • Pictures, news, stories, team updates, brand collaboration, CCS videos, customer contests, new products, sales, brand videos, interviews, and behind the scenes stories draw the target market to the site daily to be entertained and informed on skateboarding, snowboarding, and fashion.
  • MMBC acts as an online salesperson by informing the consumer on the significance and importance of products and brands so the customer can make educated purchasing decisions that represent them as a person. This creates customer loyalty because CCS is speaking directly to the customer.
  • MMBC makes the customer feel apart of a cultural movement and the purchasing links included in the content greatly increases the potential for sales by providing a link to buy into the movement.
  • On the CCS website customers can pick which marketing/communication channels they would like to subscribe to receive redistributed MMBC. Channels include Mail Order Catalog, Email, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Examples: Skate Blog, Tastemaker Blog, Collaborations, Interview, Customer Interaction.

Leverage Existing Relationships

Leverage existing relationships and partnering with core action sports brands establishes core creditability, generates new customers, and creates MMBC.

  • Cross promoting CCS with core action sports brands establishes CCS’s creditability within the core skateboarding and snowboarding markets. This creates future opportunities to speak directly to the core consumer through CCS’s marketing channels.
  • Working with core action sports brands opens up new marketing channels, such as partners’ websites, events, and podcasts, which speak to untapped audiences. These channels direct new customers to
  • Documenting the experiences of partnering with core brand creates MMBC that is distributed through CCS’s marketing channels.
  • Highlights of my core action sports relationships:  Fuel TV, Sole Technology, Vans, Globe, Redbull, World Cup Skateboarding, Standard Snowboard FilmsWindowSeat Productions

Recruit New Customers

Further create brand awareness with CCS Booth and Street Team at mainstream action sports events such as Summer and Winter Dew Tour and X-Games. Capitalize on the tremendous growth potential in the female segment of the action sports market.

  • CCS Booth and Street Team introduce brand to a new audience of consumers, hand out catalogs, and collect physical mail and email addresses to connect new customers into CCS’s marketing channels.
  • CCS Girls’ Ads are placed in teenage girls’ fashion magazine, fashion magazine websites and on teenage fashion blogs. Teen Magazines: Nylon, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, and Seventeen.

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