At Fuel TV in Los Angeles, CA, I wrote, produced, and shot weekly news segments that covered action sports events, lifestyle, and culture for the television shows 5,4,3,2,1 and The Weekly Update. For a three year run, I traveled nationally and filmed the majority of professional and amateur skateboard contests in the United States. I am truly grateful to have had that experience and the skateboarding I witnessed was amazing and inspiring.

The picture above, where I am wearing the grey hat, shows me in the media line up totally focused on getting my shot. A huge thank you goes out to Dave Duncan, Brian Schaefer, Ryan Clements, Rob Meronik, Chris Overholser, and Don and Donna Bostick for their support and access to the contest scene. Below are a few examples of my skateboard contest news segments.

Tampa Pro

Vans Downtown Showdown


Oregon Trifecta


Volcom Damn Am


Soul Bowl


Phx Am


Damn Am 3rd Lair


Slam City Jam


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