Attention: This film is Rated R for sexual content, adult language, and nudity.

The Beach Video, also known as The Gathering, is a documentary comedy film that is my version of Animal House meets Spring Break. In 2002, my friends and I had graduated from college and we were making life adjustments to living in the real world and handling adult responsibilities. This was right before everyone settled down, got married, and had babies. College was not a distant memory so we still knew how to throw awesome parties and have a good time. A group of my friends, known as The Sponsors, planned the ultimate beach party vacation to celebrate July 4th.

The Sponsors rented a mansion directly on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama and invited friends from around the U.S. to come down for the entire week or weekend. The price of admission was only $200 for all you could drink and eat. Around sixty people showed up for the best and funniest party I have ever attended.

At the time I was an aspiring writer/producer/videographer and I knew from experience that my friends would be putting on an amazing show of comedy and hijinks. All I had to do was roll camera and I would walk away with hilarious content. I was right and after I finished editing the video from the beach vacation I knew I would make it in the entertainment industry. Today my life and the lives of my friends are very civilized and tame. I am very happy that I captured the last days of our wild youths.

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