In 2007, I worked with Standard Snowboard Films as a creative consultant on their film “Catch the Vapors”.  One of my main roles as a consultant was to create and develop the film’s intro title sequence.  The goal of the intro was to grab the audience’s attention, set the tone of the film, and introduce the film’s sponsors and pro snowboarders.  My idea for the title sequence was to show the process of snow being made and I called it the “Eye of the Storm”.  Below are the creative steps that Standard Films, Nailgun Motion Graphics, and I took to develop the “Eye of the Storm” intro title sequence.

First I wrote out my vision. “The “Eye of the Storm” shows the process of snow being made and reveals a person literally catching the vapors.  The sequence begins with a shot of a lake with vapors evaporating off the water. The camera pans up toward the clouds. In the clouds, we move into a digital environment where the audience sees the process of a storm being created. Computer generated water molecules interact and freeze together while the film’s sponsors’ logos fly in and out of frame. Within this cloud/storm atmosphere the film’s pro snowboarders are introduced.  Next, we pull out of the digital storm element to reveal snow falling from the sky.  The camera then pans down and shows a hand catching snow flakes.  The snow flakes evaporate from the hand and display the film’s title of “Catch the Vapors”. ”

Next I provided visual examples with my sketchy storyboards which are located below. Then, I gave creative direction to Standard’s, owner and director of photography, Mike Hatchett and to the creatives at Nailgun Motion Graphics. Lastly, Standard Films and Nailgun had the challenging task of executing the idea.  From the video above you can see they did a fantastic job.



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