In 2002, my friends and I created a sketch comedy punk rock band called Just Enough Yellow. Just Enough Yellow mocked the suburban generation and our music represented the frustration of youth trapped in suburbia. My bandmates and I played live shows as the Just Enough Yellow characters and never told the audience the performance was an act. Our shows excited, confused, and shocked audience members. They have not seen anything like it before or after.

We shot the “Calling to Suburbia” video in my sister’s photo studio while shooting the Just Enough Yellow album cover for “Piss Off You Wankers”. I had sketched out my vision for the “Piss Off You Wankers” album cover and had visual examples of the look I was going for. My sister, Kelli, knew exactly how to set up the lights and backdrop while Kit Bishop took the album cover photos. Chris Watson was behind the video camera while the photo shoot was going down. The shoot was epic and I felt like a star.

Link to Just Enough Yellow’s album “Piss Off You Wankers”.


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