In college, I created a new category of hippie comedy called Kind Comedy. The number one rule in Kind Comedy is that every thing is “kind” and if something is not kind, then it is “unkind”. During the late 90′s, my friend Dewey Tucker and I took Kind Comedy to the next level by performing it whenever possible and spreading it to our college friends. In early 2012, Dewey and I decided to package Kind Comedy for the masses and we created a three episode comedy series called WKND Asheville.

WKND Asheville is a mock hippie radio show that is like Wayne’s World meets Cheech and Chong. Dewey and I co-wrote the shows and I produced them. Dewey also performed as the WKND character Nug. Nug is an organic kind brother that hosts the radio show. I played Nug’s cosmic co-host Earth Being. Below is the box set which includes all three episodes and links to individual WKND blog posts.


WKND Asheville,“Episode 1 (Where they keep it Kind)”


WKND Asheville,“Episode 2 (Exist the Duzsh)”


WKND Asheville,“Episode 3 (Dank Fest 2012)”


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