In 1994, I left my home in Atlanta, Georgia to attend college in Bozeman, Montana at Montana State University. To say I experienced culture shock is putting it lightly. At the university’s dorms there was a large hippie population. I was not a hippie, but I had seen the Grateful Dead in concert so I did my best to get along with them.

I believe one of the foundations of being a hippie is being kind to all people. These poser hippies were very judgmental of other people who were not in their little group. After a semester of trying to get along, I began calling them out on their lame behavior by mocking how they always used the word “kind”. Kind Comedy was born!

My two best friends at Montana State, Andy Kruse and Matt Barton, jumped in on the comedy and together we built the foundations of Kind Comedy. The number one rule in Kind Comedy is that every thing is “kind” and if something is not kind, then it is “unkind”. Also hippie dancing is encouraged at all times especially when you are talking about something that is kind.

In 1995, Andy Kruse was a professional inline skater and Kind Comedy influenced him so much that when he invented a new rollerblade trick he named it “The Kind Grind”. Today inline skaters from all over the world perform “The Kind Grind”.

Kind Comedy’s golden years were from 1995-1999 and I spread it to all of the colleges I attended and visited. In 1996 at the University of Georgia, I met Dewey Tucker and together we took Kind Comedy to the next level. At it’s peak, Dewey and I would be at UGA college parties and strangers would come up to us dancing like hippies and using the word “kind”.

Over the 2011 holidays, I read the Dr. Wayne Dyer book, “The Power of Intention” and it inspired me to begin performing Kind Comedy. I am still good friends with Andy and Dewey, so when they saw me acting out Kind Comedy they jumped right back in.

Being that my professional background is as a writer, producer, and performer, I thought it would be tons of fun to present Kind Comedy to the masses. I asked Dewey if he wanted to work on a Kind Comedy project and together we agreed on a three episode comedy series called WKND Asheville.

WKND Asheville is a mock hippie radio show that is like Wayne’s World meets Cheech and Chong. Dewey and I co-wrote the shows and I produced them. Dewey also performed as the WKND character Nug. Nug is an animal loving kind brother that hosts the radio show. I played Nug’s far out co-host Earth Being.

WKND Asheville, Episode 1 (Where they keep it Kind)

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