In the summer of 2008, I moved to the sleepy rural town of Woodward, PA to work as creative director on the Camp Woodward action sports video “Colony of Summer”. Shortly after I arrived, I realized that skateboarding at the camp contradicted my normal skateboarding experiences in grimy city streets. Instead of seeing random homeless people while skating, I saw Amish farmers working on their farms with horse drawn plows.

One of my responsibilities as creative director was creating a concept that introduced the film’s inline skating, bmx and skateboard segments. My vision for the introductions was to juxtapose the unique manmade skate spots with the natural landscapes and beauty of Camp Woodward. To convey my vision to Dave Metty, the director of photography, I shot still photos and created moving storyboards. Dave executed the intros perfectly and I thank him very much for believing in my vision.

Below are the “Colony of Summer” video intros for inline skating and bmx. The skateboard piece was not used in the film, but has the same vibe as the other intros.


“Colony of Summer” Inline Intro


“Colony of Summer” BMX Intro


“Colony of Summer” Skateboard Extra


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