2001 CD-Rom Interface.

On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked New York City, Washington DC, and crashed United Flight 93. September 11, 2001 also marks the completion of my first creative project, The Extreme Reel.  Every September 11, I reflect on where I was in 2001 and I remember the joy I felt from finishing my first project and the fear and sadness I felt for America.

In 2001, I was intensely focused on working in action sports entertainment and to showcase my skills as a writer, producer, performer, and videographer I created a demo reel called, The Extreme Reel. The reel, which was distributed on CD-Rom, also included a summer snowboard camp video that I produced for Snowboarder Magazine.

A few years after the completion of The Extreme Reel, I moved to Los Angeles and lived out my dream of writing and producing in action sports entertainment at Fuel TV. The realization of this dream and honoring September 11 continues to remind me why America is such a special place. America is amazing because it gives us the opportunity to make our dreams come true. God bless America.


The Extreme Reel

A Day at Snowboard Camp


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