In 2002, my friends and I created a sketch comedy punk rock band called Just Enough Yellow. Just Enough Yellow mocked the suburban generation and our music from the album “Piss Off You Wankers” represented the frustration of youth trapped in suburbia. My bandmates and I played live shows as the Just Enough Yellow characters and never told the audience the performance was an act. Just Enough Yellow pushed the levels of music, comedy, and creativity. Our shows excited, confused, and shocked audience members. They have not seen anything like it before or after. Below are extra Just Enough Yellow live performances.

The first video showcases Just Enough Yellow’s drummer Chooter warming up the crowd at The Library Show. Chooter slammed two pitchers of beers with his college friends and got loose on the drums. We had no idea Chooter was intoxicated until after the show. Chooter is the man!

The second song “Lights, Camera, Electric” was recorded while warming up for The Punchline Comedy Club. The third video shows our performance at The Punchline. The audience wanted stand up and we gave them punk rock sketch comedy. Our performance totally confused the audience and went over their heads. After the show we had our first groupies.

Next, the multi-talented Dewey Tucker shows off his singing skills while opening for Just Enough Yellow. Dewey opened for many of our shows and set a positive and inviting tone for the audience. Dewey is truly an amazing singer and song writer.

“Waiting for Bunch” Combo Show Edit combines the intro from The Police Show that got shut down by the cops and the song is from our show at The Library. I love the audience’s response to the “Waiting for Bunch” intro. We had them going.

The last performance is our song “Hono You Bastard” from the July 4th, 2002 show. As you can hear in the video we had a wild crowd and the after party was amazing. The party was so awesome that I made a comedy video about it called, The Beach Video.


“Chooter’s Library PreShow Drum Solo”


“Lights, Camera, Electric” Unplugged


Punchline Comedy Club Performance


Dewey Tucker at The Library


“Waiting For Bunch” Combo Show Edit


“Hono You Bastard” Unplugged


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