Just Enough Yellow is Darf Dewey, Ewan McEwan, Vic Blackstone, and Chooter (not pictured).
One of my first development projects was co-creating, writing, producing, performing, and singing for a sketch comedy punk rock band called Just Enough Yellow. My bandmates and I performed live shows as the Just Enough Yellow characters and we never told the audience the performance was a comedy act.

Just Enough Yellow pushed the levels of music, comedy, and creativity. Our shows excited, confused, and shocked audience members. They have not seen anything like it before or after. I was fortunate enough to live out my rock star dreams by playing the arrogant English lead singer, Ewan McEwan. Below is the character development and story I wrote for Just Enough Yellow. Enjoy.


Just Enough Yellow Story

The story follows the rise, fall, and comeback of the first super group of the 21st century, Just Enough Yellow (J.E.Y.). Every generation should have a voice, Just Enough Yellow’s music represents all those who feel as if they have no voice. Just Enough Yellow represents the suburban generation. From the sterile world of picket fence neighborhoods, strip malls, and Starbucks comes raw music that represents the frustration of youth trapped in suburbia.

Just Enough Yellow is a melting pot of pop culture and comedy. It is part Spinal Tap, Tenacious D, and reality television. Just Enough Yellow expresses the unique perspective of English lead singer Ewan McEwan.  Just Enough Yellow is the brainchild of self-proclaimed super producer, Larry “The Ledge” Davis, and is managed by posh Brit Nigel Martyn.




Ewan McEwan – lead singer
Raised in the rough streets of south London, Ewan McEwan is the leader of Just Enough Yellow. Half Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and half Liam Gallagar of Oasis, Ewan is a cocky smart-ass who only cares about himself. Ewan is stranded in an American suburb and his lyrics express his feelings of frustration and his unique perspectives on suburban life. Ewan is a ladies man and the star of the show.

Larry “The Ledge” Davis – super producer
Larry is a spoiled 35 year old trust fund baby who lives in his parent’s basement. His goal is to form an extreme pop/punk band and document the process as a reality television show. Larry has limited skills, but he once interned overseas with David Hassellhoff’s German producer and had a small techno hit in the German club scene. Larry has a studio in his father’s basement and has his father’s financial backing. Larry is always asking his Dad for more money like a child begging for more candy. “The Ledge” has a love for scotch and painkillers. Larry has conflicts with J.E.Y.’s manager Nigel Martyn.

Nigel Martyn – manager
Nigel is typical English upper crust, with close family ties to the royal family. Nigel is quite the hedonist, enjoying life to the fullest, with all that it has to offer. Nigel enjoys the finest food, drink, and the company of friends, especially women friends.

Darf Dewey Tucker – guitarist
Darf Dewey is the musical foundation of J.E.Y.. Dewey is the opposite of Ewan. Where Ewan is always in your face, Dewey is reserved and withdrawn. Dewey is a quirky nerd who loves heavy metal, the Internet, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Ewan named him Darf Dewey because of his love of Star Wars. Darf is a play on the word Darth, which is a title given to Star Wars’ Sith Lords. Dewey rarely speaks, but when he does his messages relate to scenes from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He is the Silent Bob of Just Enough Yellow.

Vic Blackstone – bass
Vic Blackstone is an oil mechanic, magazine collector, and philosopher. Vic is a good-looking man, but is dumb as a rock. Vic and Ewan are always competing over women. Vic loves magazines and develops contradicting world philosophies from the articles he reads.

Chooter – drums
Chooter is a young college student who answered the “Drummer Needed” ad at the local community college. Chooter loves to smoke weed and cigarettes. Chooter only worries about getting high, smoking cigarettes, and getting laid.


Story Arc

The story follows the band from its formation to its rise as a global powerhouse. The tale begins with Larry “The Ledge” Davis recruiting the talent and assembling Just Enough Yellow. Then the boys begin practicing and playing gigs at local clubs. Next they record a demo c.d., which randomly lands in the hands of upper class English manager, Nigel Martin. Nigel sees the potential in J.E.Y. and within a few months of managing the band they are signed and are opening for a popular rock/rap band. Yellow steals the show, releases their first album, and is given a world tour. The album goes multi-platinum, their videos are on MTV, and they even have action figures.

Just Enough Yellow is the biggest band in the world. Ewan and Larry push the limits with their drug use. Ewan is as flamboyant and as arrogant as ever. Vic has hundreds of magazine subscriptions and speaks to the public about his world philosophies. Chooter scores tons of weed, smokes cigarettes, and gets laid, he could not be happier. Dewey dives further into his metal/Star Wars fantasy world. He starts playing in a Darth Maul costume.

The story continues with the breakup and downfall of all the members of J.E.Y.. The egos of Yellow collide and the band breaks up on stage during a huge concert in Japan. Larry convinces Ewan that manager Nigel Martin is the devil. Ewan and Larry go solo and work on a new techno project in Germany. Dewey starts a heavy metal band that takes the dark side of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and puts them together. The band is called the Sith Lords. Vic tries country music where he sings songs about his world magazine philosophies. Chooter hits the bong, smokes cigarettes, and gets laid.

Larry and Ewan’s techno project is a complete bust. Ewan has isolated himself from his fans. Dewey’s heavy metal band Sith Lords gets some attention at premier comic book conventions, but he is black balled by his fan base when he admits that Jar Jar Binks is his favorite Star Wars’ character. Vic’s country songs make no sense, no one buys it. He is back working at Jiffy Lube. Chooter still smokes cigarettes, but has no weed and is not getting laid.

The story ends with the comeback of Just Enough Yellow. Under the advice of Nigel Marten, Ewan breaks away from Larry and goes to rehab. Manager Nigel Marten and a clean Ewan approach the band about getting back together. Everyone makes up and they record their come back song, which establishes them as a global powerhouse once again. End of story.


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